Mongolia I


Just some random ramblings about my trip to Mongolia. More later. 

Out on the Steppe

Horsemen on the way to our camp.

Repairing our vehicle at camp.

We travel further into the hills to a distant nomadic encampment. A couple
of Gers (Yurts) can be seen at the base of the hills.

Since the fall of communism, more and more
mongolians return to a nomadic lifestyle as it has become difficult to
find other work.

At every Ger that we stopped at we were invited inside for some yogurt
which was always cooking in a big kettle in the center. Mongolians will
never refuse food and shelter to any traveller out on the steppe.

We travelled to another camp.

When we were there, Mongolia was still making the transition from communism to capitalism. Land was being privatized and mongolians were starting to build houses out on the steppe for the first time. They believed that a permanent structure would give them a more solid claim to land than their traditional tents.

It seems like mongolians live on yogurt and boiled mutton. Here a sheep
is being butchered for dinner.

We became friends with this man who travelled with us for much of our trip. He was trying to learn english from an old soviet book of english lessons. His pronunciation, however, was so bad that it was nearly impossible to understand anything that he said.