Mongolia II


Just some random ramblings about my trip to Mongolia. More later. 

Rounding up the horses that we rode into the mountains.

A forest

One of our crew was the former governor of the state that we were in.
He still lived in the governor’s residence viewed here. The residence was
slowly being privatized room by room. Every time a room went on the
market, the governor would buy it. When we were there he owned about
half the building.

You’d be resting in your tent when all of a sudden the rain fly
would be zipped open and some kids would be there to see
what you were up to. We couldn’t speak each other so they would
just sit their quietly looking in through the mosquito netting. 

More kids.

A group of kids.



Race winner

Victory lap

Victory lap

A helicopter came to give us a ride back to Ulan Bator.