Tongariro Crossing New Zealand

Kiwis often claim that the Milford Sound Tramp is the finest walk in the world. You can also hear them claiming that the Tongariro Crossing is the finest one day walk in the world. After doing both, I wanted to ask “where’s the finest 5 minute hike?” Actually, I have to admit that the crossing is truly amazing. It’s an 8 hour hike over the lava flows of three volcanos. It has a very beautiful and other worldly look to it, but there were hundreds of other tourist on the trail. At times we hit traffic jams of hordes of hikers struggling over the passes. 

Tongariro Crossing — New Zealand’s only desert.

Mt. Ngauruhoe

A huge volcanic fissure

Enormous Volcanic Vent

Emerald Lakes

Emerald Lakes

Random Shots of the North Island

America’s Cup Village — Aukland

View from the Sky Tower at Night — Auckland